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What Ever Happened To….Chuck?

Now I’m going to start this off being completely honest. I’m not really much of a TV enthusiast. I didn’t bring any season DVD’s with me to college and I’ve never seen an episode of Star-trek. The only reality show I watch is Survivor and I’m not all that concerned that, as an out-of-stater, I don’t know what channels are what.

I guess you’re probably thinking that I’m not all that qualified to write about TV. And maybe I’m not, but sure, I know what it’s like to hold a show near and dear. We all remember the first show we ever fell for. The first time we got completely and totally sucked in, enraptured, entranced. We all know what it’s like to count down the days of the week until said program is on, counting down the hours until we glue our asses to the couch for sixty beautiful minutes….

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