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48 Hour Video Race!

The prop: a frisbee.

The line: There are bits of it in your vaccuum cleaner

The fee is $5 per group and the winner gets 50% of the money.

The screening and judging will be held in King auditorium at 5 pm on the 22nd.

No Longer A Shameful Rating: What the Rating of Shame as NC-17 Means

Steve McQueen’s (no, not the actor) new film is about a man (Michael Fassbender) furiously addicted to sex whose sister (Carey Mulligan) comes to visit him in New York City and slowly spins his life out of control.  It’s safe to say, the film probably has some sex in it.  Turns out it has a lot of sex in it, and not just your good ole fashioned Hollywood sex, but full frontal nudity, straight, gay, three-way, masturbation, and even urination.  It is safe to say that this film would cause some controversy and be branded with the ever destructive NC-17 rating.  Fox Searchlight, the distributor, would then order McQueen to cut the film, possibly add some shadows, shorten some sex-seconds, and maybe remove some altogether, right?  Well, in a move rarely seen by anyone, Fox Searchlight plans to embrace the rating, saying “I think NC-17 is a badge of honor, not a scarlet letter. We believe it is time for the rating to become usable in a serious manner. The sheer talent of the actors and the vision of the filmmaker are extraordinary. It’s not a film that everyone will take easily, but it certainly breaks through the clutter and is distinctive and original. It’s a game changer.”  Saying this was this was a colleague to the Fox Searchlight President.

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Kevin and Kevin Make a Horror Movie: Review of Red State

Throughout all of the controversy with Writer/Director/Editor Kevin Smith’s new feature Red State, I was only commenting about how much I wanted to see it.  Was it kind of dishonest that he assured he would sell the film, “auction style”, at Sundance after the screening and then bought the rights to his own film?  Probably, yes.  Was it daring and kind of idiotic to self-distribute a movie that, unlike the Passion of the Christ (also self-distributed), has no large audience pull?  Again, it probably was.  I’m neither a Hollywood insider nor annoyed critic, however, so I simply just wanted to see the film.  I have been a Smith fan ever since I saw Dogma, and I must say I like his other films also.  They are fun; often teetering on being raunchy comedy garbage that tries to be more, but always delivers.  It is no secret, and even Kevin admits, that his strong suit, or baggy hockey jersey, has always been in writing.  And a very good writer he is.  At times his screenplays have too many references, obvious expositionary philosophy, and dick jokes, but somehow, someway, it just works.  Those are all dealing with comedies, however, the only genre Smith has really made films in.  Red State is a horror film, though if only in name.

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There Is No Set Canon

Many times when discussing all matters of film, I hear at points, “oh, if you haven’t seen this movie then you’re not a real film fan.” Even worse, sometimes I have people say, “oh if you don’t like this movie then you’re not a good film fan. “ Let’s just get this out of the way first: there is no set canon to which a film fan is judged to be a film fan or not. Whenever I hear this phrase, it frustrates me, near the point of being past an annoyance. There are films that anyone who is a film fan probably should watch if only to be able to learn and be a part of conversations that many enthusiasts have.

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