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Here is our team:

Phillip Bryant – Phillip is a current student at UNCW, planning to double-major in Film Studies and History. He was born and raised in the bubbling metropolis that is Granite Falls, North Carolina, secluded in the Piedmont. Loving film since his childhood, he is always looking to talk or write about this art we call the motion pictures. In addition, his interests include history, journalism, outdoorsmanship, making the Kessel run in 12 parsecs, forging the Fellowship to return the one ring to Mordor, making Clint Eastwood’s day, and occasionally making cheesy overused film reference jokes. You can find some of his more incoherent thoughts on Tumblr at, and, of course, here on the greatest college based, student ran film club blog in the WORLD, or at least the East coast.

Kenny Bahr – When he’s not busy writing a word a day, Kenny is helping contribute to what makes There Will Be Blog the best college film club blog ever. He is still not sure what his duties entail, but he will find out eventually.

Michael Carollo – Hey all. I’m affectionately known as Mikey. I’m part of the Class of 2014 and have been an active member of Flicker since I first got to UNCW in 2010. I’m a huge science-fiction fan for TV shows and movies. My favorite show of all time is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I highly recommend it to anyone who is remotely interested in science-fiction or enjoyed Star Trek (2009). “The truth is usually just an excuse for lack of imagination.” Elim Garak

Kyle Huffman – Kyle was born at a very young age. But he never looked back from this obstacle, seeking to see every film he could and figure out various ways to win/outright cheat at Monopoly. His passions include movies, comic books, NFL Football, the occasional video game, cheesburgers, and Coca Cola. His pride for America is only outmatched by his disgust for its people. He’s always happy to contribute to the best film blogging site in Wilmington. And when he’s not, he’s trying to decipher the relentless subtext in “See Spot Run.”

Molly Klemarczyk  – Molly is a freshman at UNCW, hoping to major in the arrangement and rearrangement of words, which will probably land her in a cardboard box someday, but it will do for now. She also admittedly has one of the worst issues with commitment that the Flicker Blog has ever seen (here’s hoping that the shame will provide ample motivation and inspiration). She enjoys run-on-sentences, dance, warm weather, and writing about the little things.

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